Grandfather and Me

Tom Neilson
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Tom Neilson
Album: Dancin' Shoes [1997]

Chronicle of union organizers

"While hitchhiking in Northern Idaho in the Spring of 1975, I was told this story by my ride. It's about his grandfather and mother. Both were union organizers around 1919.
Grandpa played his concertina
Singin': "If we go and fight this war
The rich folks just get richer.
That's what this war is for".

Those Oklahoma farmers picked green corn
For their march on Washington
The working class, opposing the draft
And corporate use of the gun.

Green corn rebellion (1)
Was sent to Oklahoma jailers..
On the 1st of July in Boston streets
We were beat up by soldiers and sailors.

Hard times in the city,
Company men comin' round.
Mama didn't come home after work,
Granpa's tears were flowin' down.

Hard times in the country,
Red scare runnin' wild
Grandpa left in the middle of the night
Carryin' a child..

Out to a mountain, grandfather and me.
Take what you can carry
With a child and your history.

"Sacco was a good man.
I knew Vanzetti too.
I never thought when they picked you up
They'd turn the juice on you".

Free speech has no season,
Penalty is up to 20 years,
Union is another word for treason
Says the Ministry of fear.

Out on a mountain, Grandfather and me.
Turn every rock and boulder
To feed your family.

Grandpa never lost his humor,
But sometimes he'd hold his head and cry.
He taught me what life was like to struggle.
And sing me to sleep with a lullabye..

Come out of the mountain, grandfather and me.
And turn every rock and boulder
To free your family...

(1) Green Corn Rebellion

On July 1, 1917 there was a parade in Boston against the war with banners: IS THIS A POPULAR WAR, WHY CONSCRIPTION? WHO STOLE PANAMA? WHO CRUSHED HAITI?
The New York Call said eight thousand people marched, including 4000 members of Central Labor Union, 2000 members of the Letting Socialist Organizations, 1500 Lithuanians, Jewish members of cloak trades, and other branches of the party. The parade was attacked by soldiers and sailors on orders from their officers. Then followed the hardest repression.

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