Late Empire

Lingua: Inglese

*Canzone ispirata dalle immagini della morte dell’iraniana Neda durante gli scontri seguiti ai brogli elettorali del GIUGNO 2009.
As she dies on the tv eyes wanna paint the sky with her liquid
last goodbye(father) layout of insane control of living come,
seize the day it stills on the wrong side In the lights of the
city borders and limits towers and fake kings ivory ashtrays
lenses of others communicating science of late empire
So we should be waiting and live it when it's gone overwriting
steps to the pain this connect you all as troops of ruins
and blame Now it's time to watch the bleeding Life has gone
for too long
In the sun on the highways dancing on nothing agents make
fences hands uprising they come and deceive me keeping
dividing spreading love one bullet at a time
They’re forgetting, you’re forgiving Life has gone for too long
Will you be waiting?

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