Thank Christ For The Bomb

Lingua: Inglese

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Thank Christ For The Bomb
In 1914 a war began, a million soldiers lent a hand,
Weren't many planes to give support, hand to hand was the way they fought.

Young men were called up for the cause, for king and country and the cross,
In their naivete they thought it was for glory, so they'd been taught.

In 1939 once again there came the sound of marching men,
Occupying European land, all the way to North French sands,

But, in the final year of that war, two big bangs settled the score,
Against Japan, who'd joined the fight, the rising sun didn't look so bright.

Since that day it's been stalemate, everyone's scared to obliterate,
So it seems for peace we can thank the bomb, so I say thank Christ for the bomb

14/1/2006 - 11:15

Scritta da Tony McPhee.
La traccia che dà il titolo all'album del 1970
L'immagine in copertina fa riferimento alle foto dei Royal Irish Rifles durante la battaglia della Somme nel 1916.

Thank Christ For The Bomb

Un testo abbastanza inquietante, anche se lo si interpreta come una provocazione ironica... In effetti, fu proprio così: l'escalation nucleare garantì (e garantisce in qualche modo anche oggi) la "pace" a livello globale.

B.B. - 26/7/2019 - 13:03

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