FatHead Fascist

Neil Conway
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Neil Conway
Album: The Somethin' Family Album
Fathead Fascist
oil up your ass
So you can go and sit
on your swastika
Fathead Fascist
it's time to turn the pages
Why must your brain remain
in the dark ages
You say that you're superior
You wish that I were dead
I think the wind is blowing through
you're shiny melon head
Why don't you read a book?
Forget about the way you look
Does it really matter what
colour your ass is
Fathead Fascist...
Did you crack your cranium
when you were just a kid
Humpty Dumpty's head
look's just like yours
You plus the queen
equals me plus Hakim
equals Peter Skinhead picked
a pile of bullshit.

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