No Money, No War

Pete Seeger
Lingua: Inglese

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[ca. 1970]

Poem by Allen Ginsberg
Poesia di Allen Ginsberg

Pete Seeger recitava questa poesia di Ginsberg accompagnandosi con la chitarra, durante i suoi concerti attorno al 1970.

Pete Seeger recited the above poem by Allen Ginsberg at his concerts circa 1970, accompanying himself with the guitar.
Government anarchy prolongs illegal planet war
Over decades in Vietnam

Federal anarchy plunges U.S. Cities into violent chaos

Conscientious objection to war-tax payment
is a refusal to subsidize mass murder abroad
and consequent ecological disaster at home.

This refusal will save lives and labor and is
the gentlest means of political revolution.

If money talks, hundreds of thousands of
citizens refusing war-tax payments can
short circuit the nerve system
of our electronic bureaucracy.

No money, no war.

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