Have I Got It Right? Talking 9/11 Blues

Les Visible
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A wee travelogue through some of the steaming horseshit provided in the aftermath of the 9/11 con job.
"..Well, I just find it so hard to believe that people are as stupid and indifferent as they appear but then, maybe they really are.."
Oh let me see if I have got this right
Some stone age Arabs hi-jacked four commercial flights
Then flew them all at high speed into targets on the ground
And none of them were stopped cause, uh... no one was around?

There were lap dancers in Florida and passports in New York
Where nothing else survived. Is this some kind of joke?
Three enormous buildings melt to nothing on the ground
Like timed demolition but no evidence was found..

No evidence was found 'cause they carted it away
They quickly melted it all down -and shipped it to Bombay.
The president read nursery rhymes to a peer group in the south
Banal cloaking lunacy kept pouring from his mouth.

While the Two Towers burned
While the Pentagon trembled
While the Nation stood in shock
The president dissembled..

Let me see if I got this right
Seven of the hijackers weren't even on the flights
And no jet fighters scrambled though they were supposed to be
Well like they did for that golfers plane, lade dade de.

Now the president said he saw a plane crash on TV
But according to the timeline there's no possibility
And the medias in lockstep ballroom waltzing through the lies
And nobody knows anything, they just let it slide.

Have I got it right that afterwards he ran and hid
And through his life before he failed at everything he did
He didn't even show up at the Texas National Guard
Whilst evading Vietnam and snorting on the job.

They made him Texas governor where he accomplished dick
And then he fronted for the coup - oh yeah they're plenty slick
After purging out the voter roles they went to the Supremes
Merrily -merrily oh this is quite obscene

And then the twin towers burned
And then the jackboots started pounding
To the unfinished symphony
of fascism resounding...

Something stinks in Denmark or more likely in D.C.
Manipulated by alerts -that never came to be
They marched into Afghanistan - now the opium can flow
Who's the mind behind it all you think you'll ever know

Then he marched into Iraq cause of some immediate threat
And what about those WMD's? Nah they ain't found them yet
Then he marched out with his crotch stuffed to proclaim the victory
Soldiers die now every day, so you can drive an SUV

He fell of the Sedgeway like a drunken vaudeville clown
And then he picked your pocket - while on his way down
He took all your money and then gave it to the rich
He drove the country off the road and right into a ditch.

Oh the polls are getting bad and the country is confused
People now are thinking that maybe they got used
But when power is an absolute and keeping it is too
There really is no limit to what these men might do.

And the Twin Towers burned
And nothing have been learned
And the cloak of darkness fell
Over the bodies in the well...

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