Nothing But The Truth

Lila Downs
Lingua: Inglese

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By Lila Downs & Paul Cohen
Versione inglese di Justicia

Album: Shake Away
lila downs shake away
What are the open plains
But land to roam and cultivate reciprocate
Trade and share to give and take
To respect the Indian way
I will no longer cry for what is past
Is gone like a memory that floats in the air
With the song of an eagle feather
Climbing in the wind
On a hot summer day
On a hot summer day

I seen eyes that were crying sadly
Fists ready for the blow
Seen turbulent skies above me
Butterflies in the snow

Saw a war in a mask and a costume
In a jungle of leaders to blame
I seen power in hands of the wrong men
Will it always be just the same?

I seen boys cross illegal borders
Risk a life to wash your dish
Seen money disguised as the answer
Is that your only wish?

Saw a mother's smile so hopeful
Seen a man who treasures life
As a woman now able to choose
Found the strength that I need to survive

Truth nothing but the truth
What’s your karma today
What’s your karma today
Truth nothing but the truth
In the name of Nature
The choices you make
Is it only me is it only you
Are we only
Living for today

Maybe today
Will be my day
Before it's over
I'll make a change
Maybe today will be my day
Before it’s over
I’ll have my say

May the walls and the road be witness
Of the needs of your ticking heart
The words of your love be spoken
At your table and when you part

May your long line of family members
Be proud of who you’ve become
May your hands and your soul remind you
Every day that you are around

May the house that is always clean
Be the home to the ones in need
May the dirt on the souls o your boots
Make a track of the good will you leave

May the words that were used to divide
Float away far away out o sight
And the mountain we still must climb
Be the one we will climb to unite
The things you say
When you give and you take
When you take and you take and you take

16/5/2010 - 18:52

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