Leon Rosselson
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “The Word Is Hugga Mugga Chugga Lugga Humbugga Boom Chit”

La copertina dell’album è una foto scattata a Londra durante il Remembrance Day del 1969. Potrebbe trattarsi dell’arresto di un’attivista contro la guerra in Vietnam oppure di un’irlandese che protestava contro la guerra nell’Ulster… “I Don't Want to Die / Remembrance Day 1969” è anche il titolo di una canzone contenuta in questo stesso album.
Now William is a little boy,
He is his parents' pride and joy,
They love him so as only parents can.
Teach him to be brave and strong,
Teach him to know right from wrong,
So he'll grow to be a fine man.
William was as good as gold,
Always did what he was told,
Though he was a child he understood,
Knew that good boys never lied,
Knew that big boys never cried,
Knew that he must do the best he could.

So William tried his best to be
A credit to the family,
Tried to drive away his shameful fears,
But sometimes when the light grows dim
Dreams and shadows frighten him,
And in his mother's arms he hides his tears.
His father took the boy aside,
Said "Son, there's nowhere you can hide,
You won't win Life's battles if you run,
So face your fears and stand and fight,
Dreams and shadows cannot bite,
And I won't have a coward for a son."

Now Will's a man, Pa tells his wife,
That boy must choose his path in life."
"An actor," William said, "I'd like to be."
His Pa said grimly he could do
Anything he wanted to.
"We'll love you still" said Ma reproachfully.
When he saw the grief he'd caused,
William turned and William paused,
Couldn't hurt them after all they'd done.
So with everyone's consent,
William joined the Regiment:
See him there with uniform and gun.

In distant lands, the final act
Begins when Will's patrol's attacked,
The cannons roar and terror chills the bone.
Outnumbered ten to one,
All the soldiers turn to run,
All except for William, turned to stone;
Felt the old familiar fears,
Heard his mother's grief and tears,
Saw his father overcome with shame,
Remembering what he'd been taught,
William stood and William fought,
Died to save the family name.

William, for his gallantry,
Received the posthumous VC,
Ma and Pa were overcome with pride,
So we'll leave them there alone,
Regard these words on Will's headstone,
'William lived for love, for love he died.'
When William was a little boy,
He was his parents' pride and joy,
They loved him so as only parents can.
Taught him to be brave and strong,
Taught him to know right from wrong,
So he'd grow to be a fine man.

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