Take The Children And Run

Iain MacKintosh
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Home For A While”
Written by Don Lange

Una canzone sull’incidente che accadde nel 1979 nella centrale nucleare di Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, vicino ad Harrisburg.
Si vedano al proposito anche The No Nuke Song,No More Three Mile Island e soprattutto All Clear in Harrisburg.
Telephone rang, Have you heard the news
Carrion crows are coming home to roost
Over at the plant something went wrong
Take the children and run
Take the children and run
Take the children and run

They say they'll fix it if we just stay calm
Go back to your factory, go back to your farm
Don't get angry, don't lose your cool
And the bosses will share their power with you
Take the children and run ...

Doctor Atomic, lying through his teeth
Says there's nothing to fear but fear itself
He visits the plant in a lead-lined suit
It comes out looking like courage on the evening news
Take the children and run ...

You're on the Commission, you're sixty years old
Made a deal with the devil, see the profits unfold
Twenty years down the line that little child
Is in the prime of her life, then her blood cells run wild
Take the children and run ...

I saw the reactor through an April haze
It looks like a blunderbuss aimed at the skies
It's your friendly atom raging out of control
While scientists pray for Lady Luck's smile
Take the children and run ...

And run, and run ...

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