Bill McAdoo
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Album "Bill McAdoo Sings, Volume II", Folkways Records


Una canzone dedicata alla rivoluzione cubana, quella che iniziò gloriosamente buttando a mare uno spietato dittatore e la United Fruit Company che lo sosteneva, e che è poi finita – come spesso accade – miseramente, con gli oppositori che muoiono nelle patrie galere...
I was standing on the corner
when the news-boy said to me,
He said, “Cuba's on fire,
And the people must be free."

Batista plundered and he murdered;
He murdered twenty-thousand men.
He tortured women and children,
But he'll never do that again.

He sold his heart and his soul
To the United Fruit Company,
He bought American guns
To maintain his tyranny.

He bought American guns and planes
While the peasants starved to death.
He wrote his answers in blood
When they asked him for bread.

He had the blessings of our State Department,
And the President shook his hand.
Yes, the U.S. paid the piper,
And Batista did the dance.

Fidel Castro vas in the mountains
With about three-hundred men.
when he marched into Havana,
He was six-million strong.

Castro marched into Havana,
And I'll never forget that day:
Batista packed his clothes and money,
Because it got to hot to stay.

Fidel gave the people lend,
He gave them houses jobs and food,
He built schools for the children,
And he built hospitals too.

Fidel brought freedom to Cuba,
which the people never had;
He punished Batista's benchmen,
And brought justice to the land.

Oh, the money boys are so damned mad,
Because Castro changed the economy;
Nov Cuba's doing fine,
Without the United Fruit Company.

I went to warn all you people
who believe in tyranny,
You know six-million Cubans
will fight to keep Cuba free!

I want to warn all you people,
Who believe in tyranny,
Six-million Cubans,
will die to keep Cuba free!

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