The Strange Death of John Doe

Almanac Singers
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Songs For John Doe”
Words by Millard Lampell
Music: Traditional ("The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn")


Un disco di canzoni anti-interventiste, quando ancora gli USA mantenevano la propria neutralità rispetto alla guerra che devastava l’Europa. In questa, John Doe o Joe Public o John Smith o Mario Rossi, l’uomo comune, insomma, è morto in circostanze misteriose, nessuno sa perché fino all’ultimo verso, quando si scopre che è stata… la guerra!

Dallo stesso disco si vedano Ballad Of October 16th, Billy Boy, C For Conscription, Liza Jane, Plow Under e Washington Breakdown.
I'll sing you a song and it's not very long.
It's about a young man who never did wrong;
Suddenly he died one day.
The reason why, no one would say.

He was tall and long and his arms were strong,
And this is the strange part of my song;
He was always well from foot to head,
And then one day they found him dead.

They found him dead so I've been told,
His eyes were closed, his heart was cold;
Only one clue to why he died -
A bayonet sticking in his side.

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