I Want to Be President

Lingua: Inglese

We got arms
they're the fighting kind
take you on
'cause we're strong

We got love
it's the hating kind
we're not interested in your difference
we like to be dogmatic

My gun is bigger than yours.
my tank goes faster than yours.
my missile's turning me on.
my weapon makes me feel strong.

Bang bang bang.
do you wanna see my gun?
well come on.
we'll resist, we'll resist.
I'll let you take control.

But if they say that is so,
is that the way you will go?
and if you thought it was wrong,
would you still follow along?

They're building walls tonight.
they're building walls tonight.

in't it cold,
ain't it cold,
ain't it cold,
where you empty your soul?

There'll be a war tonight.
there'll be a war tonight.

inviata da Alessandro - 19/2/2010 - 11:58

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