The Undertaker And The Hippy Protest Singer

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "I Blame the Government"
I Blame the Government
Peace keeping forces
Try keeping the peace
Handcuffed to porches
Of buildings
And trees
The irony of war
Re invents the wheel
To live by the sword
And to die in a human shield

Jet fighters are flying over our heads
A baby is crying his father is dead

I wish we were far, far away
From this dump
We’d go to a bar
And get falling down drunk
People build fences
To keep out their fears
It’s happened for centuries
Which is hundreds of years

Jet fighters are flying up over our heads
A baby is crying his father is dead
The irony of war re invents the wheel
And it’s good for nothing
But the undertaker
And the hippy protest singer

This is a hippy protest song
Everybody singalong
Together we can ban the bomb
Where have all the flowers gone?
To funerals in cemeteries
And unknown soldiers’ families
Who’ll never really rest in peace
They can’t cremate their memories
Or bury six feet under earth
Delivered in a shining hearse
There’s always hope and that’s the curse
The need to see the body first
Drained of life and breath and blood
Two minutes silence for the death of love
This is a hippy protest song, singalong

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