They're Crazy

Charles Tyler
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Charles C. Tyler

"A song written when Russia and the USA were still threatening to annihilate each other with nuclear weapons.
I grew up like all my generation in a world in which the possibility of an all-out nuclear war between the USA and Russia seemed like a real possibility. The Cuban missile crisis – Dr. Strangelove – fallout shelters. I wrote several songs around these nightmare themes, but this one seemed to sum up the madness best. It may seem a little less likely now - but the weapons are still there and are still just as dangerous. And they are in more hands than ever and growing. This is no time to be complacent and this song is still relevant. I made this recording about 1983 on a very simple cassette deck in the house I rented in Mendocino, playing on the old piano that came with the house. A rare example of my piano playing… :-) "
Oh they're crazy
Those leaders of the nations
They say they care for people
But how can you believe them?
They dream of guns,
They dream of bombs,
They count them in their sleep
While half the money in the world is spent on war
And half the people hardly eat…

Oh they're crazy
Those military masterminds
In Washington and Moscow
They sit before their radar screens.
They are hypnotised,
They are paralysed,
They're frightened of each other
They're so caught up in planning to destroy us all
How can they discover
That they're crazy?
They're crazy
They're crazy,
They're crazy!

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