The Mighty Zionists

Charles Tyler
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Lyrics and Music by Charles C. Tyler
Album: Charles Tyler

"Just another satire song ...on Zionism: This is part of my trilogy of songs on the Middle East conflict. The others are 'I want to grow up to be a bomb' and 'Rapture Bell'.

These days I no longer believe in a two-state solution to the problems of Israel-Palestine. This would only cement in place the enormous historical injustice done to the Palestinians by the late colonial movement known as Zionism. Besides it is now a virtual impossibility because of the spread of settlements.

The reality is that Israel-Palestine is already one country. It just happens to be a country in which one group of people oppresses and humiliates another while stealing their land piece by piece - and crying foul when the victims try to fight back. The central issue is not one state or two - but human rights.

The holocaust was a tragedy for the Jews. The creation of the modern state of Israel was a tragedy for the Palestinians. Palestinians are quite right to say that they should not be paying now for the crimes committed against Jews in Europe and elsewhere.

Until Israelis wake up to the reality that the violence they suffer from rockets and bombs is the direct result of their occupation of Palestinian land and the constant humiliation they inflict on the Palestinians there will be no peace.

Until Palestinians give up the idea of destroying the state of Israel and re-taking the land they lost through violent action there will be no peace.

All the people who now live in the land have a right to be citizens of all the land and to live in it in peace with their neighbours - their neighbours within a single border - within which all the people have the right to live and work and travel in any part of it - no checkpoints - no security walls - no exclusive settlements.

The answer to the present impasse is not to divide but to unite - to tear down the walls - physical, legal and mental - which divide the citizens of this single country - and to build a single multi-ethnic secular state for all its people based on respect for human rights and freedom both of and from religion. One person - one vote - one country, and the right of return for all.

Jews have to give up the idea of having a Jewish state in all the land and Palestinians have to give up the idea of having an Islamic state in all the land. And then, surprise surprise, both Jews and Palestinians can have it all.

Then, finally, with cooperation and goodwill, the enormous talent and creativity and vitality of both communities can finally flourish. This new re-born state could be a beacon to the world of how to settle conflicts and how people of different faiths and backgrounds can live together in harmony.

For many centuries in this land Arabs, Jews and Christians and others were able to live in peace together. They can again.

You may say I'm a dreamer.....

Book References - just Google them:

"The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Ilan Pappe
"One country" by Ali Abunimah
"Herzl's Nightmare" by Peter Rodgers
"Palestine Inside Out" by Saree Makdisi
"My Israel Question" by Antony Loewenstein

... and many, many more....

Net references are endless - but this is a good place to start:

The one state solution is an idea which is growing in acceptance daily. I believe it is unstoppable because it is based on universal ethical principles - and that, just as the policy of apartheid could not survive in South Africa, so the policy of apartheid will not survive in Israel-Palestine.

I believe that in the end the pressure for justice and human rights will triumph over the folly of Zionism.

I also believe that the best way to achieve this change is through non-violent action. Like writing a song for instance. Or passive resistance.

My feeling is that if Palestinians were themselves to adopt the one-state solution as their goal and simultaneously adopt Gandhian tactics to achieve this end the whole conflict could be resolved in a remarkably short time. If you agree - spread the word"
We are the mighty Zionists
Don't dare to call us racists
'Cause that's the word that we reserve for you
And if you criticise Israel
We'll label you anti-Semitic as well
And say you're a self-hater
If you happen to be a Jew.

Yes, we've got all the answers to any arguments
And with our good friends in Washington no Arab stands a chance.

We've grabbed the land we wanted, where the milk and the honey flow
We're holding on with the bomb and the gun and we're never ever letting go.

Our story starts in Switzerland
Where Herzl first laid out his plan
To build a place for the Jewish race
In the land of Palestine..
There were all you Arabs living there
But you were just peasants - we didn't care
We had no doubt we could kick you out
It was only a matter of time.

So we devoted all our energy
To lobbying the powers that be
When Balfour fell beneath our spell
We knew we had it made.

All those years of persecution, all that European shame
Combined to blind the UN's mind and that's how we won the game.

To join our club is easy
There's just a simple test
It helps if you're Jewish, of course,
And I think you know the rest.
You must believe in the Promised Land
That's one thing to get straight
Though it's hard to swallow
The God we follow deals in real-estate.

And when you're a Believer Everything is justified
Even if you have to kill and cheat and steal and lie.

For we are the persecuted, that's why we must be strong
And why whatever we do is righteous and whatever you do is wrong.

Now everybody hates us
Except for the USA
They give us the guns and they give us the bombs
We never have to pay..
Terrorists don't frighten us
In fact we wrote the rules
With the Stern Gang and the Irgun
Do you think we're a bunch of fools?

It's only wishful thinking to pray we'll go away
Our claim began with Abraham like it happened yesterday
So here's our message for you Arabs you were only camping here
And when we got our hands on the Bible lands, your history disappeared!

We're so good at ethnic cleansing
You'll hardly find a trace
Of five hundred Arab villages erased..
And with our brilliant propaganda
The whole world sings our tune
In a land that was bare with nobody there
We made the desert bloom.

And on all the land we stole in '48 and '67
We're building just as fast as we can
Our exclusively Jewish Heaven.

And we'll bulldoze any Arab home that still stands in our way
And we don't give a damn what you think of our plan with the mighty fists of the Zionists
We're here and we're here to stay!

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