Fred Stanton
Lingua: Inglese

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The camera zooms in on the Square of Paradise,
Surrounded by armor and marines,
Where thirty ecstatic Iraqi actors
Play an all-American scene.
Reporters watch in awe from hotel windows,
As a corporal hangs Old Glory on Saddam.
Coincidence or fraud? What are the odds?
It's the 9-11 flag from the Pentagon.

The whores sing the praises of the warlords--
The theme song of liberation.
If you're an American
If you're an American
You must join the celebration.

Second act of the bunker-busters' festival:
A looter cheers for Bush and takes a vase.
He loads a truck with Sumerian statues,
Nineveh is finally erased.
Rumsfeld meets the press and gets a chuckle,
Killer wit, computer voice, twinkling eyes,
Freedom is untidy, how many vases can there be?
And Babylon is privatized. (Chorus)

The picture shifts to the bonfire of liberty,
Ancient pages flutter and dance.
The epics of the peoples of Arabia
Are choked in the smoke of ignorance.
The Mongols tossed the books but kept the bindings,
Walked away with Baghdad leather on their feet.
America stands tall for civilization
At the Ministry of Oil, just up the street. (Chorus)

The camera cuts away from the rubble,
Music drowns the sound of hostile crowds.
Give the world a Coke, drivin' your Chevrolet,
America has never been so proud. (Chorus)

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