The legend Of Ned Ludd

Robert Calvert
Lingua: Inglese

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They said Ned Ludd
was and idiot boy - Ned Ludd
That all he could do
was wreck and destroy - Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd left no blood (3x)
Ned Ludd

They said his reason must have fled
Ned Ludd
When he bashed his cotton-frame
till it was dead
Ned Ludd
When he took a hammer out of his coat
Ned Ludd
And he bashed and he hammered
and he smashed and he smote
When he turned to his workmates
said: 'Death to Machines'
If that is unreason
I see what it means
Ned Ludd left no blood (3x)
Ned Ludd
For the smell of the slums
and the smog and the crime
For the squalor and hunger
the filth and the slime
THAT was the madness
and that was the crime
Ned Ludd...

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