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Nalini Lasiewicz
Lingua: Inglese

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(Nalini Lasiewicz)
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Da: "The Balkan Peace Album"

The Balkan Peace Album
(p) 2000 Lasiewicz Foundation
Tel: (323) 668-1811

Written and performed by Nalini
© 1999 Nalini Lasiewicz

Nalini Lasiewicz


Questa canzone, che è la CCG n° 1980, è dedicata a Monia Verardi, collaboratrice instancabile delle CCG nonché autore della maggior parte delle traduzioni dalla lingua croata, nata il 24 marzo 1980!

This song, which is the AWS nr. 1980, is dedicated to Monia Verardi, who has been tirelessly contributing our website with songs and translations from Croatian, born on March 24th, 1980!


The genocide and terror that occured in Bosnia & Herzogovina shocked me to the bone. I could not believe that this sort of barbaric mass murder was taking place in Europe, fifty years after the collective shout of "Never Again."

The war in Bosnia was the first major conflict in which the Internet began to play a huge role. While snipers fired at the people of Sarajevo and Mostar and Foca and other "save zones" for five years, concerned individuals around the globe were emailing their support and concern and heartfelt sorrow. I was one of those concerned people and that war changed my life forever.
(Nalini Lasiewicz)
Each day I read the news
And watch as nations explode.
My heart sinks and skips a beat
when I hear what the People are told.

Lies.....Surrounding me tonight.....
Blinking from a screen,
Twisting the minds of all those
who don't know that they're lies.
Purposefully told.
To ruin the chances for Peace
to take hold in the lives of all People.

Some friends don't understand
Why this is haunting my dreams.
A century of war and the ghosts that remain
Have taught me, what my freedom means.

Years pass -- headlines fade
Still the damage of war marches on.
Follow the money and you will find
the People behind all those lies…...

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