Until such time

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Soldaduzkarik ez!

Questa canzone è (fortunatamente per chi la volesse leggere) quasi interamente in inglese, anche se vi sono dei versi in basco!
When children are more valued than bombs
and they read the books that we write.
Emakumeak bere gunea lortuko duenean
eta gure presoak kartzelatik at.
When justice no longer huddles in calls
no strangers crouch armed in our streets.
When we own our own cities and fields
we will know the meaning of freedom.
Until such time the cries of our cities
and the groans of our lands, gure lurraldeak.
Will be our song of wisdom
our poetry of anger and hope.
Until such time our watchful
murals and graffitied toughts
will be our street newspaper,
our uncensored judgement and art.
But while you dance to our songs,
and market our lives,
read our lips, irakurri gure espainiak.
We are the people of struggle.
Our's is the culture of change,
Gu gara borrokaren herria,
gurea da aldaketaren kultura.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 14/6/2005 - 02:44

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