Poverty Is Slavery

Black Krishna
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Album: Confessions Of An Aging B-Boy

"Poverty is the worst form of violence."
- Mahatma Gandhi

"Gandhi once said "Poverty is the worst form of violence", because while getting your ass-kicked or getting shot nine-times could land you in a hospital for weeks, poverty can last for years, or even generations...
...and since he's been gone for a minute no, I figured I'd add my two-rupees..."
"Poverty is slavery,
We livin' off thievery,
We givin' so we free to be,
Strapped to the economy,
Taxes are autonomy,
Like a tracheotomy,
Voice has a lobotomy,
Your choices are a part of the-
Modern-day glass and metal scenery,
The greenery,
Home and Garden fortify your home to be,
Alone to see,
Control your World Vision through a big TV,
Amazed to see,
Sold as sexuality,
Banality's a malady,
Spark's causality,
Casualty, higher faculties,
Shackled, in actuality,
Mentality, false security,
Purity's, immaturity,
No surety, or certainty,
Lessons stressed eternally,
Forgotten blessed journals,
The souls, of humanity,
Vanity's insanity,
In planetary calamity..."

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