Tin Omen

Skinny Puppy
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Album: Rabies

Skinny Puppy
Skinny Puppy

This song compare the Kent shootings (see Ohio by CSN&Y) to the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Questa canzone paragona la sparatoria alla Kent University (vedi anche Ohio di CSN&Y) al massacro di piazza Tien An Men
every truncheon hit misguided the people's army divided united stance amped
out war dance what a ride inner thought of non violent rebellion outside
dare to die stand and fight show faith return all the weapons
Government says use them right fixed action set in motion doubting amnesia
potion what to hide red carpet ride guessing right the jokes on
dark corner the square you bath once a week distorted the viewpoint
seldom seen wayback in 68 ohio kent state was nothing so great have of
have not forcing the point shot in the back take it back down trod soldier
away flower power within kill me kill this way of life and be
known one by one they'll be coming down altogether sister machine gun
automatic high what a ride what a trip tripped over the candlestick tanks
arrive fire wall got to keep the camera alive tell the world
what's going on here warning shots are fired at the stomach chest wound
coed falls amped out amped out changing guns for brooms the guards change
to clean up crews way back in 68 every thing was so great no way wrong
date keep up the trade balanced charade close circuit truth used to
remove keep the camera alive

5/6/2005 - 23:13

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