Fuck The War

Ralph Buckley
Lingua: Inglese

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"It started with a guitar riff and took off from there. I have been writing songs about the absurdity of this war since the "bushies" sold the idea to our congressmen and of course the media (who they apparently own)....Lie after lie, after lie, after lie.
Fuck the war! It's directed towards those who are responsible and who need to be held accountable: anybody listening? "
Today is the day that could make me cry 'cause I'm never gonna love again
Baghdad's fallin' - Allah is a callin' - next stop gonna be Iran

Bomb over here and a bomb there couldn't care less 'about the shaw of Iran
Draft comin' soon better change your tune - don't be telling me you don't understand

911 better grab your gun son
And tell your wife you're going to war
Make sure you don't miss all the terrorists
When friendly fire's coming through your back door

Suicide bomb now your buddies gone
and there's a child lying dead in the street
There's blood on your hands but you don't understand
Why we never gonna face defeat

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