He Bombed My Daddy

Hillbilly Democrats
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by York Taylor
Music by Skiffy Flippo
Album: He Bombed My Daddy

A Rap Bush Biography ("We made up the Title as a joke - then had to write the song..")
My daddy bought me out of the war
Said it wasn't worth me fighting for
Got me a gig in the National Guard
Said I wouldn't have to work real hard.

The man with the list said it wasn't my turn
But daddy said he'd make him burn
Then when my daddy became president
He let the Saudi's pay my rent.

Ole Saddam he rolled out of a hole
And tried to take Kuwait gold
That's when my daddy stepped in
The deep and true Saudi friend.

But they went and voted my daddy out
He shoulda been king without a doubt
Dug our Country in a hole
For the sake of Saudi gold.

Tucked all that Saudi money away
To make me president one day
Saddam knows I'm gonna get him
After my daddy let him live.

He bombed my daddy
And I'm president now

He bombed my daddy
I got a big army

He bombed my daddy
UN can't stop me

He bombed my daddy
A little Texas justice

He bombed my daddy..

He bombed my daddy.

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