Children of Gaza

Doc Jazz
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and music by Doc Jazz.

This song is dedicated to all Palestine's children, especially those growing up in the largest prison on earth, the Gaza strip.
Children of Gaza,
simple words cannot explain
Children of Gaza,
how come they don't feel your pain?

Pictures have spoken
Words the leaders would not say
They stand as a token
Of injustice and foul play..

But tell me did they hear
The children of Gaza
Tell me did they hear them cry
And tell me did they ever
Did they stop to wonder why
They had to die?

It is so much easier
Just to turn and look away
So they don't see the crimes
That the violent are committing every day

Children of Palestine
There is something we can do
Each and every time
Spread the word of how they're killing you

Where there's still hope
There will still be life
And we will stand behind you
In times of war and strife..

We will make them hear
The children of Gaza
Break the silence of their lies
Because they never ever
They never stopped to wonder why
The children had to die?

They won't find it easy
Just to turn and look away
we'll make them see the crimes
that the Zionists are committing every day

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