Kev Carmody
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Mirrors"

Read the Torah
Read the Koran
Read the Bible

Find which lock fits which key
See why ideologies and theologies divide humanity
The idea of one God shatters nations and countries
Producing hate and dispossession for millions of refugees
For millions of refugees

Down the highways of history
Humanity forced to flee
Wanderin' the earth in isolation as unwelcome refugees
Unwelcome refugees

Our brothers, sisters, and their children
Starve in border camps while their homelands
And their homes are invaded, shelled and burnt
Adam and Eve were banished, Moses forced to flee
Just like todays globalized immigrants
Children imprisoned as detainees

Seeking refuge, seeking shelter from the
bankers' armoured tanks, will their god extend
compassion and embrace the immigrants
Their crime is seeking shelter from a human
livin' hell they've been captured and imprisoned
as dangerous criminals.

This land is my spirit, my right is sovereignty
But we exist here alienated as colonised refugees.
As colonised refugees

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