Ursula Rucker
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Ma'at Mama"

Ursula Rucker Ma'at Mama
On this day
there will be no talk of war
or politic
or disaster
or death
love is alive today
so we will speak only of LOVE
there will be only LOVE
on tongue
and lip
and in heart
and thought
and it won’t be that hollywood type of LOVE
not t.v. LOVE
not dimestore novel LOVE
and certainly, not mainstream music LOVE
you know, LOVE
LOVE that has been worked on
like gardens and term papers
LOVE that has been nurtured, like children
and well, like children
LOVE that falls, crashes even, burns
but dusts off, fixes up...and rises
more brilliant than before
phoenix LOVE
yeah, phoenix LOVE
so, let us speak only of LOVE
healing LOVE
no herbal or over-the-counter LOVE
real healing LOVE
like god LOVE
like mother’s LOVE
lover’s LOVE
child’s LOVE
like, best friend LOVE
and change the world LOVE
human LOVE
humans LOVE
LOVE soft
LOVE hard
but just LOVE
enjoy this new garden
work on it together
and it will be perennial
it will grow...year to year
it will be beautiful
it will win blue ribbons and everything
folks will come from far and wide just to see it
and wish they had it
had this kind of garden
this kind of...

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