Burn America Burn

The Levellers
Lingua: Inglese

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Brano uscito come singolo e poi incluso nell'album "Letters from the Underground" del 2008.
There’s a shooter in the school, get your fuckin’ heads down
Or I’ll blow them clean off you luckless fools
The cracked windows break, start crashing
The alarms sound a warning, as we all fall

Burn America Burn (blow yourself away)

Stun grenades flash, as we are dropping
Blood on the blackboard spells out truth
The SWAT teams are crawling with stealth
And the gunman has just one round left, and he’s saved it for himself
The cops are fighting, and some are on the run
There’s a blood-bath in the school, and I’ve only just begun
The sun is shining, the days just begun
Start praying to your gods 'cos I’m still having fun

Burn America Burn (blow yourself away)

I never looked like a monster
In the mirror you just saw yourself
Did you notice me at the prom-dance
So much like you
That you never stood a chance

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