Death Of Martin Luther King

Champion Jack Dupree
Lingua: Inglese

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Composta e registrata a Parigi nell’aprile del 1968 da Champion Jack Dupree e l’amico Mickey Baker, che l’aveva seguito nel suo volontario esilio in Francia.
Il brano è contenuto nell’antologia “Champion Jack Dupree: Anthologie du Blues Vol. 1” (Vogue)

Sulle CCG/AWS molte sono le canzoni dedicate a Martin Luther King: Martin Luther King di Harry Belafonte, They Killed Him di Kris Kristofferson, Oh, Martin! di Richard Marot, Why? (The King of Love Is Dead) di Nina Simone e persino l’inedito Spiritual per Martin Luther King di un allora diciassettenne Rino Gaetano, solo per citarne alcune.
[Spoken] Well the world lost a good man
When we lost doctor Martin Luther King
A man who tried to do everything
He tried to keep the world in peace
And now the poor man is gone to rest
But go on, doctor Martin Luther King, take your rest
There will always be another Luther King.

It was early one evening, when the sun was sinking down
Early in the evening, some dirty sniper shot Martin Luther King down
He was nothing but a coward
He dropped his gun and run
But he will never have no peace
He'll always be on the run

The words that he say just before he died
That I'm, I'm going upon, I'm going way upon, way upon the mountain top
Well nobody know and nobody seem to care
Seem like the whole world, the whole world is in sin
Oh Lord, is in sin. Oh, what will, what will become of me?
I say Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on this family.

[Spoken] Yeah they shot him down
Just like they done all the rest
Shot on Abraham Lincoln,
Shot on president Kennedy
And they took poor Martin Luther King
So you know I don't stand a chance
I ain't nobody

I know you people, I know you glad you ain't one of me
I know you people glad, I know you glad you white and free
Oh yeah, white and free, oh, what will, what will become of me?
Oh I am begging, yes, I'm begging to be free.

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