All Around the World

Roger Campo
Lingua: Inglese

Anti war song and a global call for peace.


roger campo
all around the world
i hear the people calling
hear the people calling

now they're calling for freedom
yeah they're calling for justice
stop all the wars
stop all the destruction

now they're calling for Jesus
yeah they’re calling for Allah
so many wars are fought
for the almighty dollar
for the almighty dollar


now they're calling for peace
they're calling for truth
they're calling me
and they're calling you
to stand up for their rights
help fulfill the dream
one day god's children
all the children will be free

well it's cheaper to feed and house a child
and teach 'em how to read
than to teach 'em how to steal and starve
and kill out on the street
but we keep on building prisons
to lock them all away
until we hear their voice
nothing's gonna change


on every city street
from N.Y. to L.A.
if you look into their eyes
you can feel the people say
on the streets of guatemala
and all el salvador
in the townships of south africa
they're calling out, no
no more
no more war,
no more blood,
no more violence
what we need is love


inviata da L. Bediale - 31/5/2009 - 18:04

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