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Blood and Fire (Kobo Town) Downloadable!
7-11 On September Eleventh (Mike Rimbaud)
No Winners of War (Be Forgiving) (Aza Lineage) Downloadable!
Gaza (Malasuerte Fi*sud)
No Gods No Masters (Garbage)
Memorial Day (Roger Lucey) Downloadable!
Róbmy Swoje (Wojciech Młynarski)
The Hitchhikers' Song (Joan Baez)
Yo marché (Ninio Sacro)
Trans Global Express (The Jam)
We Sing in Time (Faada Freddy)
La fille sans nom (Cécile Corbel)
Pierre et Marion (Cécile Corbel)
Amhrán na bPrátaí Dubha (Máire Ní Dhroma) Downloadable!
Save The World (George Harrison) Downloadable!
No More Chain Gang (Boney M.) Downloadable!
Signor niente (Pezzimisti)
Se ti tagliassero a pezzetti (Fabrizio De André)
The Numbers (Rise Against)
Up Around the Bend (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Adiós Presidente (Celtas Cortos)
Represion (Novalia) Downloadable!
La banda Viola (Novalia) Downloadable!
Zighela (Novalia)
Figlio del mondo (Paola Turci)
Soul Deep (The Style Council)
I'm on the Side of Mankind as Much as the Next Man (McCarthy) Downloadable!
Chodźmy, Partyzanci! (Let's Go Partisans!) (Katy Carr)
In Memoriam (Private D. Sutherland Killed in Action in the German Trench, May 16, 1916, and the Others Who Died.) (Ewart Alan Mackintosh) Downloadable!
Frühjahrslied der Eisenbahnerin (Wolf Biermann) Downloadable!
Ci vorrebbe un po' di Pol Pot (Fucktotum) Downloadable!
Veleni (Alice)
Lo negat (Lou Dalfin)
Le drapeau de l'Humanité (Milva) Downloadable!
On Patrol in No Man's Land (Einstürzende Neubauten) Downloadable!
Las Mujeres del Cuá (Carlos Mejía Godoy) Downloadable!
Anime bianche (Nando Misuraca)
Taki pejzaż (Ewa Demarczyk)
Ci abbracciamo (Vasco Brondi)
Wilhelm Wilhelm (Amon Düül II) Downloadable!
Gary Gilmore's Eyes (The Adverts) Downloadable!
Nell’attimo breve (Milva) Downloadable!
Ignoranti senza scuole (Pietro Besate) Downloadable!
Dieu est nègre (Léo Ferré) Downloadable!
The Day The World Gets 'Round (George Harrison) Downloadable!
Encuentro en Cajamarca (Víctor Heredia) Downloadable!
El Cautivo de Til-Til (Patricio Manns) Downloadable!
Canción inútil (Attaque 77) Downloadable!
Night In Baghdad (Laurie Anderson) Downloadable!
Canción para Vieques (Autori Vari / Different Authors / Différents Auteurs) Downloadable!


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