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Pop Goes the Weapon


“Guns are both the subject of religious worship and huge profits in the United States,” guitarist Tom Morello said in a press statement. “Combined with emboldened white nationalism, the recent epidemic of massacres is little surprise. ‘Pop Goes The Weapon’ channels our ‘thoughts & prayers’ through Marshall stacks & microphones.”
Daily Dose of Protest: Pop Goes The Weapon – Prophets of Rage
Who's that knockin' on my door?
25/5/2021 - 23:28
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Hail to the Chief


Il nuovo video dei Prophets of Rage è un violento attacco contro Trump ma soprattutto contro Mike Pence, il vicepresidente, considerato come il vero burattinaio dietro al grottesco #46 (come lo chiama chi non vuole fare il nome del 46mo presidente degli USA).

Pay Attention is what the Prophets Of Rage latest video is saying . Don't let a new Fascism appear wanted normal or sane. While TRUMPOTUS appears to be a parody and whipping of mass distraction. The Donald will either be impeached or bow out from his own trumped up reasons. VP Pence is not a clown. He's dead serious, the heir apparent who knows US governing and the law. The one to watch with the world in his hands. ... Pay Attention to the inevitable Hailing To The Chief #46. The SusPEnce of The Thief Of Peace .. and he didn't even .....Run - Chuck D
Hold it
22/9/2017 - 23:37
Percorsi: Donald Trump
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Who Owns Who


Un inno alla rivolta alla rivolta e alla disobbedienza. Attraversa i loro confini, nuota nelle loro acque, rifiuta i loro ordini, ama le loro figlie, cambia le loro abitudini...
The bridge, the call
16/9/2017 - 16:17
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Radical Eyes


Brano d'apertura dell'album d'esordio dei Prophets of Rage

Tom Morello - guitar
Timmy C - bass
Brad Wilk - beats
Chuck D - vocals
B-real - vocals
DJ Lord - turntables

"The Western world has created biased structures and stereotypes. Opposing viewpoints and movements are seen as radical rather than diversity. 'Radical Eyes' is the lens everything is viewed through, any life movement in opposition is considered radicalized."

"Il mondo occidentale ha creato strutture e stereotipi tendenziosi. I movimenti di opposizione e punti di vista diversi sono visti come estremisti invece che essere considerati pluralità. Gli occhi radicali sono la lente attraverso cui si guarda al mondo, per cui ogni movimento di opposizione è bollato come estremista."

(Chuck D.)
If speed is what you need
16/9/2017 - 15:56

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