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Arrested in Shanghai

Scritta da Tim Armstrong
Nell’album “Indestructible”

Son passati ormai 29 anni e ancora nemmeno sappiamo quanti ne ammazzarono…
inviata da Bernart Bartleby 4/6/2018 - 13:11
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Civilian Ways

Album : Let The Dominoes Fall

Rancid’s Tim Armstrong wrote the track about his brother’s time serving in Iraq and the fear soldiers like him feel, not knowing if they’ll make it home. “I feel like the song is also for me and other family members who have to watch the news every night and hear about the dead soldiers in a place we will never know but where our family’s blood may spill,”
I hold the cold steel of my rifle
inviata da Jon Doe 26/10/2010 - 05:18
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The Guns of Brixton

Lyrics & Music by Paul Simenon
Album: London Calling

The song has a strong reggae influence, reflecting the culture of the area, with a knowing nod to the classic reggae gangster film, "The Harder They Come". It was written and sung by bassist Paul Simonon who grew up in Brixton, south London. It pre-dates the race riots that took place in the 1980s in Brixton, but the lyrics depict the feelings of discontent that were building due to heavy-handedness of the police that led to the riots, the recession and other problems at that time...

Il brano è stato oggetto di molte cover da parte di numerosi gruppi nel corso degli anni, tra cui gli Arcade Fire, i Red Hot Chili Peppers, Unwritten Law, i Dropkick Murphys, i Rancid, Jeff Klein, i Bandits, i Nouvelle Vague, i Calexico, gli Optimus Rhyme, i My Red Hot Nightmare, la punk band tedesca dei Die Toten Hosen, il gruppo argentino dei Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, i Libertines, e il cantautore Enrico Ruggeri.
When they kick at your front door
inviata da giorgio 15/6/2010 - 08:24

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