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Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare)

Lyrics & Music by Saul Williams and Zack de la Rocha
Album: Saul Williams

Once the audience has been introduced to the central character, Saul Williams, the artist, and this central character has dealt with the current state of hip hop, he makes an open call to the youth of America, transcending hip hop and speaking to larger social issues:
"This is a call out to all the youth in the ghettos, suburbs, villages, townships: to all the kids who download this song for free. By any means. To all the kids short on loot but high on dreams. To all the kids watching TV like, yo, I wish that was me...I hear you. To all the people within the sound of my voice...".
Here, Williams again targets a large audience that transcends the hip hop community. He speaks to the youth of the world. He discusses the "state of affairs, likening the situation to Shakespeare's Julius Cæsar:
"Brutus... (continua)
This is a call out to all the youth..
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