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Paper Planes

"Paper Planes" is from M.I.A's 2007 album, Kala. This protest song denounces violence & the stereotypical view of immigrants. The song also was born from M.I.A.'s frustrations of trying to secure a US work Visa (according to M.I.A. the paper planes in the song refers to the Visa). As a British artist with Sri Lankan Tamil descent, she viewed herself as a victim of racial profiling. In connection with her Visa problems, back in 2006, she was placed on the Department of Homeland Security risk list because of the political content of her lyrics.

The song samples The Clash's "Straight To Hell". That sample alone could be viewed as a statement of intent. M.I.A. is the very embodiment of the rebellious punk spirit of The Clash. Even though there may be genre & cultural differences, the objective of the music really wasn't that different. The sound of the gun shot and cash register adds... (continua)
fly like paper, get high like planes
5/12/2013 - 23:43

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