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Autore Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs

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Porcherie/La jeunesse emmerde le front national

La versione dei Ramoneurs de menhirs feat. Bagad Bro Kimperlè: Porcherie 2017
Dq82 2/7/2017 - 22:48

Auschwitz Planéte

Versione dei Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs

Amzer an dispac'h

I Tromatism non sono altro che un vecchio gruppo del cantante dei Ramoneurs de Menhirs, Loran Béru.
dq82 21/1/2017 - 14:55
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Bella Ciao

11a. Bella ciao (Breton and French version by Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs)

Hi !
 Thank you for the message and the Bella Ciao connexion! :) We'll be an honor to contribute to your website with our song, we'll be glad to send you our version of Bella Ciao! You can download it on this link:
And I also put you enclosed the texts of our version (in French + in Breton + both together), if you want to put lyrics as well! Thank you!
All the best, Julie 

La versione dei Ramoneurs de Menhirs unisce le parole di Bella ciao con la musica di Kan Bale an ARB, l'inno indipendentista bretone scritto da Glenmor.

Ramoneurs de Menhir's versiom combines the lyrics of Bella Ciao in Breton with the music of Kan Bale an ARB, the Breton independentist anthem written by Glenmor.
inviata da donquijote82 29/11/2013 - 16:21

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