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Lyrics & Music by Alan Gardiner and Roger Peatman
Album: Voyager [2010]

A TRIBUTE TO ALL SOLDIERS ! This song is not about the Politics or the Rights or Wrongs of War, Just the story of serving soldier and what they endure 365 days a year !

"The Idea for the song came after watching a documentary about Life (and Death ) on the Front line in Afghanistan and Iraq.."
Another soldier crossed the line
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/15 - 08:20
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Radio Manisco/0516490872

Spero di poterlo ascoltare al piu' presto,è molto raro ho trovato il vinile in emule l'ho messo a scaricare ma credo che c'è ne vorrà x un po' mi piace tanto l'hip hop e il reggae italiano vecchia scuola,ho alcune cose rare,x chi è interessato a qualke scambio di cd old school mi contatti al mio contatto facebook ANTONIO BOTTAZZO.Ciao e viva la musica!!
Antonio 85 2010/11/15 - 02:56
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The Mari language (Mari: марий йылме, marii jylme, Russian: марийский язык), spoken by more than 600,000 people, belongs to the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family. It is spoken primarily in the Mari Republic (Mari: Марий Эл, Marii El, i.e., 'Mari land') of the Russian Federation as well as in the area along the Vyatka river basin and eastwards to the Urals. Mari speakers, known as the Mari are found also in the Tatarstan, Udmurtia, and Perm regions.

Mari today has a unified standard form with two variants (Hill vs. Meadow or Western and Eastern, with the Eastern variant prevailing in everyday usage), using a modified version of the Cyrillic alphabet, and is the titular and official language of its republic, alongside Russian. The use of two "variants," as opposed to two "languages," has been hotly debated: on the one hand,... (Continues)
Contributed by Arisztid 2010/11/15 - 00:13
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Avanzo de cantiere

Chanson italienne – Avanzo di cantiere – Banda Bassotti – 1995
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2010/11/14 - 22:26
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Halfway Round the World

Lyrics & Music by Val Davis
Album: Immortal [2003]

"This tune was written during the Gulf War but is incredibly relevant today in light of the Bush administrations "War on Terrorism" and occupation of Iraq.
It's upbeat Acoustic Rock".
What am I to believe
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/14 - 20:44

Old Soldiers Never Cry

Lyrics & Music by David Kilpatrick

A song for the veterans of all wars and any wars - not a lament, nor a protest, but a comment on the passing of time and the nature of men at war. Strong chorus and rhythm.

"Started with the first verse and chorus sometime in the mid-1970s, this is a song which was gradually built, then completed in 1996 when suddenly it hit me that the old Great War soldiers returning to the war cemeteries in France would soon be gone - indeed, they would have to be 100 years old. And that's what the song ultimately comments on: the distance of time, and the few remaining. But it's about more than that. It was also completed because my father, who was a bomber pilot in the 1945 war, had died; and I realised then that I had never finished any of the songs I started writing years before, and he's never heard a single one of them. So, in a way it was... (Continues)
Well you all - tell the same great old story,
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/14 - 17:15

Ground Zero

Lyrics & Music by David Kilpatrick

"This song was not completed until October 5th 2001. On September 11th we were in front of the television, taking a lunch break from our office, when the news broke in. We remained there. I apologise to anyone who may be offended by my politics. I wanted to write a song which could sung by anyone, at any time in the future. It is played on my Lowden O-10 in Drop D with the capo on fret 1 and it's a very simple traditional tune".
Weep for the innocent
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/14 - 16:48

There's a War Going on I Hear

Lyrics by Tom Ward
Music by Dan Monk
Got my Starbucks coffee got HD TV
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/14 - 14:42
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Can't Happen Here

Album: Lead Sails Paper Anchor
Tearing his flesh in the dead of night
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/14 - 13:04
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Doce Brigada

Testo di Garcia y Garcia
Musica di Vittorio Cao
1937 circa
Testo completo da Altavoz del Frente

Non so qual diavolo, stasera, ha soffiato sulle spente braci del mio antico "mal de España. Mi sono messo a cercare in AWS e in You Tube le canzoni repubblicane, quelle che conoscevo ai miei vent'anni. Forse ne manca una, che mi insegnò personalmente il garibaldino Giuseppe Alberganti, ferroviere, che, dopo la Spagna, fu il comandante della piazza di Milano che diresse l'insurrezione del 25 Aprile, e poi fu dirigente comunista a Milano, e poi fu mandato a quel paese dal partito per il suo irriducibile, diciamo così, cominformismo, e infine fu presidente del movimento studentesco milanese. Lo chiamavano Diamante per i suoi bianchi e lucenti capell, di cui fin da giovane andò fiero. La canzone è quella della Dodicesima Brigata mista Garibaldi. L'ho trovata in You Tube e non in AWS. Io mando... (Continues)
Doce Brigada, bandera de gloria,
Contributed by Gian Piero Testa 2010/11/14 - 00:27
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Ti regalerò una rosa

Chanson italienne – Ti regalerò una rosa – Simone Cristicchi – 2007

Une autre chanson qui parle de folie et d'asiles.
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2010/11/13 - 23:33
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Jarama Valley

una nota interessante:

La cantante es Anna Witte,la versión del original también es suya.
Jarama Valley fue compuesta por Alex Mac Dade,un Brigadista Irlandes,es una versión de Red River Valley.
La Compañia Irlandesa 'James Conolly' se integró en la XVª Brigada 'Batallón Lincoln' cuando la XIVª Brigada,con gran prensencia de Irlandeses,fue diezmada en Andalucía.
El documental de donde está sacada la canción se llama 'Souls Without Borders' 'Almas sin Fronteras'
Gian Piero Testa 2010/11/13 - 22:53

Remember Martin King

Lyrics & Music by Eric Levine [updated 2001]
Vocal : Solo by Eric with backup by The Disabled in Action Singers join Eric on the chorus.
12-String Guitar: Eric
Album: The Eric Levine Songbook
Martin King, Martin King, whenever Freedom rings,
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/13 - 19:32
Song Itineraries: Martin Luther King
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Murder Incorporated

Album: Greatest Hits
Bobby's got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/13 - 19:19
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Vivre pour des idées

Una canzone straziante sulla guerra di Spagna.
Contributed by Lady Losca 2010/11/13 - 17:24

The Vapors

Lyrics & Music by Rob Lincoln

"It's a rocker that is very unplugged rock tune with strange chord pattern, inspired by the former administration (Bush and Cheney). Needs a drum, bass and perhaps a few lyric changes and a bridge, but I think it has an interesting feel to it. The first line could be my epitaph".
Nothing's ever simple everything is hard
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/13 - 08:07
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Hate, fuck, fight, kill
Contributed by Anonymous 2010/11/13 - 05:24
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Manifest Democracy

Album: Blowback [2010]

"I wrote this song after the Israeli invasion of Gaza and after reading the amazing book Unmaking the Middle East by Jeremy Salt. Get it".
Twisted tales from history
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/12 - 18:45
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We Resist (Free Palestine 2)

Lyrics, music, performance and recording by Doc Jazz
Album: Decade

Funky song calling for the liberation of Palestine, featuring among other things the Palestinian flute (shibbabeh). Free Palestine!
Free Palestine
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/12 - 18:38
Song Itineraries: The Palestinian Holocaust

Shalom Achshav

Lyrics & Music by Rob Lincoln

"This song is the only song I have written thus far that uses a foreign phrase. "Shalom Achshav" means "Peace Now" in Hebrew and is the name of a peace organization in Israel.
Honestly, I do not really understand the complexities of Israeli/Palestinian politics. My friends and family in Israel all want peace but obviously it's not as easy as simply shouting "Peace Now". However, it can't hurt..".
No more eye for eye
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/12 - 18:28
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La croce

ho letto tante cose sulla storia di Federico Aldrovandi... però questa canzone è tra le più sincere
racconta la normalità e i sogni di un ragazzo così come l'assurdità e la crudeltà che l'ha portato via.
e poi è una bellissima canzone!

l'ho condivisa nel mio BLOG:
in questa PAGINA -paginaGIOVANI

e in questo POST per ricordare:Federico Aldrovandi
Canzone per Castor 2010/11/12 - 17:59
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Sono nata il ventuno a Primavera

una poesia strana ma bella come un gatto bianco ma cattivo....non so come spiegarmi ma penso che voi mi capiate..
alejna 2010/11/12 - 17:46
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L'autentica versione di Qu Qiubai (1923), segnalata da Xu Jiayu
The true version by Qu Qiubai (1923), contributed by Xu Jiayu

"The version by Qu Qiubai, which is translated from the Russian version and came out in 1923. The Chinese(1) version, which is sung by most Chinese today, is not translated by Qu Qiubai, as showed on your site. In fact, it is very close to the Chinese(4) version, and was adapted and approved by the Communist Party of China in 1962, as a "official" version of the song." [XJ]
Contributed by Xu Jiayu 2010/11/12 - 12:17

Bambini soldato

ciao sono incappato sul tuo sito, ho letto qualche cosa del tuo libro l'essenza di essere, e alcune righe di queste poesie, che dire, tra le righe si legge che piu' che descrivere il male nel mondo o i sentimenti profondi, stai descrivendo una tua realta', esprimi rabbia odio(verso la tua famiglia?) frustrazione.Mi sembri giovane dalle foto che vedo e quello che leggo è veramente stupefacente. Forse dovresti consultare uno psicologo, potrebbe darti davvero una mano.
Auguri ne hai bisogno. Scusa ma che lavoro fai ? spero non lo scrittore di professione...
roby 2010/11/12 - 08:55

The Americas

Lyrics & Music by Rob Lincoln

A Sea Chanty style song about the perils of fighting a war on someone else's home turf. takes place in 1777, but it's still relevant..
This song is an historical song from an unusual perspective. The narrator is the wife of a British soldier sent oversees to a war that is just and will protect the foreign land from local insurgents. Write back if you know the name of the military leader who is leading this famous insurgency..
Now is a time when all good men must come- to the aid of their country
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/12 - 08:27
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Rosso su verde


Rosso sopra verde è la mia divisa potrebbe sembrare un libro fuori moda. Fuori moda perché parla di canzone antimilitarista e perché in una società che aspira sempre più al patinato – una società dai successi facili e senza troppi grattacapi - lanciare degli “allerta” alle coscienze, attraverso le canzoni del passato, potrebbe risultare superato, quasi autolesionista...

Chi ha fatto questo tipo di scelta comunicativa, ha messo in conto lo scotto della solitudine. Sta nel gioco delle parti: spesso ci si sente isolati. Pochissimi interlocutori, una marea di distratti. Tuttavia credo che continuare a scrivere “libri impegnati” sia l’unica strategia valida per lasciarci alle spalle l’inedia politica e relazionale in cui versiamo. Scrivo i miei saggi musicali con l’idea di consegnare alle... (Continues)
CCG/AWS Staff 2010/11/11 - 23:03
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La lunga notte

Contributed by DonQuijote82 2010/11/11 - 19:31

Bella Ciao Femminista

Una mattina mi son svegliata
Contributed by Lady Losca 2010/11/11 - 16:27

Joan Henry

Lyrics & Music by Rob Lincoln

"Joan Henry is my feminist folk tale song.. Lessick and me only performed this a few times at the end of our stint. A few more times practicing and we might have really hammered down the arrangement. We didn't quite nail this one. But the harmonies we attempted to lay down were dramatic".
Joan Henry – she was a strong woman
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/11 - 09:21
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Minatori non partite

Ascoltavo sempre da bambino vecchi 45 giri in vinile, fra cui c' era anche questa canzone, purtroppo non ricordo perfettamente la sequenza sopratuttto del ritornello,sono quasi certo che sia questa.
Sento già che fischia il treno
Contributed by Alessandro 2010/11/10 - 22:03
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Ballata del piccolo An

una Poesia...una delle più belle canzoni che abbia mai ascoltato! Arriva dritta al cuore con la sua dolcezza sciogliendomi il sangue ma allo stesso tempo te lo gela giungendoti alla mente e disegnandomi in maniera nitida l'immagine di quel Vietnam brutalizzato ma eroico, capace di resistere e vincere.
Una canzone capace di smuoverti dal profondo suscitando rabbia, indignazione, speranza, empatia, fiducia e speranza.
Bellissima l'antitesi di fondo tra la cosa più ignobile prodotta dall'umanità (la guerra) e quella più dolce (l'infanzia).
davide prati 2010/11/10 - 13:13

Canto delle battone, faro di civiltà

Dallo spettacolo "Settimo: ruba un po' meno"
Parole di Dario Fo
Musica Fiorenzo Carpi
Testo trovato su La Musica dell’Altra Italia
Le prime donne che dai Crociati
Contributed by Bartleby 2010/11/10 - 09:10
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Mean Talking Blues

Lyrics & Music by Woody Guthrie
Album: Hard travelling - The Asch Recordings Vol. 3 [1998]
I'm the meanest man that ever had a brain,
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/10 - 09:03
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Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Album: Greetings from Timbuk 3 - 1986
I study nuclear science
Contributed by Jon Doe 2010/11/10 - 07:00
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Sink the Bismark

"Sink the Bismark" (later "Sink the Bismarck") is a march song by country music singer Johnny Horton and songwriter Tillman Franks, based on the pursuit and eventual sinking of the German battleship Bismarck in May 1941, during World War II. Horton released this song through Columbia Records in 1960, when it reached #3 on the charts. As originally released, the record label used the common misspelling "Bismark"; this error was corrected for later releases of the song. It was inspired by the 1960 British war movie Sink the Bismarck! and was in fact (with the producer John Brabourne's approval) commissioned from Johnny Horton by 20th Century Fox who were worried about the subject's relative obscurity. While the song was used in U.S. theater trailers for the film, it was not used in the film itself.
In May 1941 the war had just begun
Contributed by Jason Voorhes 2010/11/10 - 06:47
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The Slave Boat and the Merchant Ship

Album: Blowback [2010]
Who dug the holes for your cities?
Contributed by giorgio 2010/11/9 - 22:16
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Ma il cielo è sempre più blu

Salve scusi se glielo lo faccio notare ma sul testo lei ha scritto più volte: "chi ODIA Baglioni". Invece come lei saprà, trattandosi sicuramente di un errore, che la canzone dice: "chi COPIA Baglioni". Dopotutto tra i due grandissimi artisti c'è stata e ci sarà sempre un'immensa stima reciproca. La prego cortesemente di correggere. Grazie e scusi il disturbo.

Matteo ha ragione e il testo è stato corretto. Grazie.
2010/11/9 - 19:19
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Lettera da Volterra

Chanson italienne – Lettera da Volterra – Simone Cristicchi – 2007

Cette « LETTRE DE VOLTERRA » est une vraie lettre d'un interné à l'asile toscan et jamais envoyée, car comme prescrit le règlement, les lettres des fous n'étaient jamais envoyées.

Lettres de l'Asile de San Girolamo
Règlement d'un hôpital psychiatrique

« Les infirmiers ne doivent pas entretenir de relations avec les familles des malades, en donner des nouvelles, exporter sans ordre des lettres, objets, messages, saluts; ni ne peuvent rapporter aux malades aucune nouvelle de l'extérieur, ni objets, ni imprimés, ni écrits... »

Les lettres des fous de San Girolamo, écrites de 1889 à 1974, ont été retrouvées seulement en 1981 par un groupe de médecins ( Pellicanò, Raimondi, Agrimi, Lusetti e Gallevi) qui travaillait alors dans cette structure. Un livre intitulé « Correspondance niée. Épistolaire de la Nef des Fous » (ED.... (Continues)
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2010/11/9 - 17:53
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Old Riley (Hey Rattler)

[inizio 900]

"Now this is Riley,.. They had bloodhounds in them times ... The overseer in them times had a Negro named Riley. And old Riley was one of the best there was and old Riley was trying to make his way to freedom. And while Riley was goin', they couldn’t catch up with him, they got the bloodhounds put on his tracks and they commenced talkin' about it."

Un’altra canzone, insieme a Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos e Go Down Old Hannah, che certamente Leadbelly imparò in prigione, nel Texas, nei sette anni che si fece per omicidio. Una canzone di evasione, nel senso letterale del termine, che doveva essere molto popolare tra i prigionieri e che esiste – come sempre accade per le antiche canzoni di tradizione orale – in molte differenti versioni.
Il vecchio Riley è il prototipo del detenuto negro, condannato alla chain gang in qualche farm prison del sud, obbligato dall’alba al... (Continues)
Old Riley walked the water
Contributed by Bartleby 2010/11/9 - 17:00
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La memoria


Morto Massera, l'ammiraglio spietato che guidò la repressione in Argentina

Aveva 85 anni ed era uno dei membri del regime militare che guidò il Paese fino all'83. Guidava la famigerata scuola della marina nella quale vennero torturate e fatte scomparire migliaia di persone. Incriminato anche per il sequestro dei figli dei desaparecidos

Da Repubblica Online

BUENOS AIRES - È morto a Buenos Aires l'ex ammiraglio della marina Emilio Eduardo Massera, uno dei membri della giunta militare che rovesciò Isabelita Peron e guidò l'ultima dittatura in Argentina, dal 1976 al 1983, insieme a Jorge Rafael Videla, Leopoldo Galtieri e Orlando Ramón Agosti. Lo ha reso noto l'agenzia Telam, precisando che Massera, che aveva 85 anni, è morto a causa di un ictus presso l'Hospital Naval della capitale. Già nel 2003 era stato colpito da un'emorragia cerebrale che non gli aveva permesso... (Continues)
Bartleby 2010/11/9 - 01:07


There will always be enough religion to incite war, but never enough religion to build tolerance.
Sean T.Watkins 2010/11/8 - 10:48

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