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The Most Beautiful Girl

Is This the Life We Really Want?

This song dates back to the early 2000s.

Roger Waters told Uncut:

"I recorded that in Compass Point, Nassau. Back then, it was a song about a cowboy being hanged. It had a weird, stream of consciousness lyric. It talks about this hanging and it finishes up, 'When the rope hit the spot at the end of the drop the last thing he heard was her calling, "Hold on, I'm coming home.'" So it's about his relationship with a woman, in some way.

But on the new record, it's about Obama's drone warfare. The lyrics have been adapted to include the death of a specific Yemeni girl in a cruise missile attack. So the story is new, the ideas are new, but they all fit around the music of the song."
Roger Waters told Mojo the story behind the song:

"'The Most Beautiful Girl' had a life of its own. I had no idea what it was about, I just sort of liked the metre of some... (Continues)
She may well have been
Contributed by Dq82 2021/2/25 - 10:08
Song Itineraries: Damned drones


Produced by
Flood & John Parish

Release Date
July 13, 2016

Guilty è stata registrata durante le session dell'album “The Hope Six Demolition Project” ma non è stata inclusa nell'album ed è stata pubblicata come singolo.

La canzone parla di droni, un soldato annoiato in una sala di controllo a migliaia di chilometri di distanza sta guidando un Reaper. Vede una piccola figura su uno schermo e deve decidere al momento una sentenza di vita e di morte: innocente o colpevole?
Rules and regulation
2020/12/20 - 22:50
Song Itineraries: Damned drones
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Drone Warfare

Album Our Pathetic Age

Featuring Pharoahe Monch & Nas
Testo da genius

Privacy inesistente, spionaggio delle nostra vite, guerra affidata ai droni, non è una realtà distopica ma il nostro presente.
2019/11/24 - 16:04
Song Itineraries: Damned drones
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I Dreamed An Island

"Drone” riconduce l’album all’attualità di un attacco di droni in Siria.

Although I Dreamed An Island is inspired by the lost multi-cultural idyll of 12th century Norman Sicily, I wanted the album to flow, both musically and narratively between the past and the contemporary. Drone, as its title suggests, brings us back to the present day where silent unmanned aircraft have replaced the dagger and sword and the thunder of galloping horses as the new messengers of death, wreaking havoc in the night. The song describes the aftermath of a drone strike in Syria.
I saw my town disappear in smoke
Contributed by dq82 2017/4/11 - 15:58
Song Itineraries: Damned drones
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Drone Bomb Me


Two days after the Obama administration killed 150 Somali people in a drone attack, ANOHNI released “Drone Bomb Me,” the second single off HOPELESSNESS. It’s a coincidence that could have aligned on many other weeks: U.S. drone warfare has steadily expanded in the last decade, operating in relative secrecy that has only recently been challenged by artists and journalists in projects such as The Intercept’s Drone Papers, Addie Wagenknect’s “Drone Painting,” and Laura Poitras’ Astro Noise. “Drone Bomb Me” joins these ranks, written from the perspective of a girl seeking death after her family was killed in a drone attack.
As with “4 Degrees,” which personified the hypocrisy behind climate change, ANOHNI is not letting anyone off the hook. “Blow me from the mountain and into the sea,” she croons over a major synth drop. Her voice, and the production by Hudson Mohawke and... (Continues)
Drone bomb me
2016/4/30 - 13:07
Song Itineraries: Damned drones
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Album: "Drones"

« Per me, i droni sono metaforicamente degli psicopatici che permettono comportamenti psicopatici senza possibilità di appello. Il mondo è dominato da droni che utilizzano altri droni per trasformarci tutti in droni. Questo album analizza il viaggio di un essere umano, dalla sua perdita di speranza e dal senso di abbandono, al suo indottrinamento dal sistema per divenire un drone umano, fino alla definitiva diserzione dal sistema creato dai suoi oppressori. »

(Matthew Bellamy)

Chiaramente il nuovo album dei Muse gioca con la metafora dei droni, degli aerei comandati a distanza. Nella società distopica descritta nell'album, i droni sono le persone controllate a distanza dal sistema. Tuttavia, almeno in questa canzone, i droni assumono anche il significato letterale di aerei senza pilota, utilizzati sempre più spesso soprattutto dall'aeronautica statunitense nelle... (Continues)
Home, It's becoming a killing field
2015/8/3 - 23:06
Song Itineraries: Damned drones

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