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See What You Done, Done (Hymn No. 9)


The 1971 track "See What You Done, Done (Hymn No. 9)" about a Vietnam veteran who became a drug addict, was composed by Atlanta, Georgian soul singer Delia Gartrell and her husband James T. Shaw, otherwise known as The Mighty Hannibal (he also released a Vietnam War song in 1966 with a similar name, but different theme - Hymn No. 5). This Delia Gartrell single, originally released on the obscure Atlanta label Demin-Kalo (# JS-2/JS-3), was soon after picked up by the larger New York label Right-On Records (RR0-109).

Hannibal explained in an interview the inspiration for writing "See What You Done, Done": "Me and my wife were watching the news and Walter Cronkite was talking about how all the soldiers were coming back from Vietnam addicted to opium". Thus, the song provides a representation of veteran drug addiction associated with the Vietnam War:

Vietnam War Song Project
Can't you see what you done done to my only son
2020/5/31 - 22:37
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Hymn No. 5


“Hymn No. 5″ was banned from stateside radio-play lickety-split for its “controversial” lyrics. I searched high and low on the internet for those incendiary, heartfelt lyrics, but no go. So, fuck you, censorious witchhunt world of the late 60′s and paranoid early 70′s played out across this present world wide web, because I’m not as lazy as you suppose — I’m typing them out myself."

The Thought Experiment

The Mighty Hannibal is one of those Soul artists that is wrongfully obscure. The world of popular music is filled with myth building, myths sometimes becoming truth, facts obscured. A handful of people these days remember Hannibal. The kind of people who like to hang out in dusty record shops, swap endless amounts of stories and usually useless little facts about obscure and forgotten Soul singers that are God’s gift only in our minds.

(Platters That Matter: Hymn No. 5)

I wrote my baby from Vietnam
2010/10/5 - 23:21

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