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After the Third World War

Lyrics and Music by G. Whitman (BMI)
Album: At The Rainbow's End

From the CD "At The Rainbow's End" this shows the metal side of Citadel® in a song that describes, in all the gory details, what life would be like after the WWIII concludes with nuclear stalemate – not your typical anti-war warning, from the not-so-typical band - CITADEL®!
Fortunes gone and legends passed
Contributed by giorgio 2010/6/18 - 08:12
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Dungeons of War

Lyrics Music by G. Whitman
Album: Rengerative Generation®Citadel®

"This song is written from the perspective of the Earth looking on as we tiny, temporal beings blow each other up – and the land and animals too! Without taking a political side everyone can agree that war is a dungeon of pain and suffering, usually led by those behind the scenes who never get their own hands bloody...all for a crown, for the conquest...grown-up neighborhood bullies who take from others by force that which they cannot attain on their own merits... "Dungeons of War" also takes a few biblical lines into the discussion, "this is the season to make plowshares from our swords" and also fits into the "Citadel of Cynosure" storyline as the battle that forces the Dreemurz and Rezistors to make the ultimate choice when the Affrage invade their domain...
I have seen the faces of eyes that have turned to walk away,
Contributed by giorgio 2010/6/17 - 08:16

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