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Street Fighting Years

Dall'omonimo album del 1989 dedicata a Victor Jara
Chased you out of this world, didn't mean to stop
Contributed by DonQuijote82 2012/3/11 - 18:05
Song Itineraries: Víctor Jara

Belfast Child

Da "Street Fighting Years" (1989)
Ispirata alla ballata irlandese She Moved Through The Fair
When my love said to me
2006/7/31 - 19:02
Song Itineraries: Conflicts in Ireland
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Lyrics and music / Testo e musica / Paroles et musique / Sanat ja sävel: Peter Gabriel
Single release: 1980
Album release: Peter Gabriel III [1980]
Also performed and recorded by / Altri interpreti / Autres interprètes / Laulun muut tulkit:
Robert Wyatt (1984) in "Work in Progress"
Joan Baez (1987) in "Recently".
BAP (1988)
Cudù (1988) in "Vivo"
Simple Minds (1989) "Street Fighting Years".
Manu Dibango (1994) in "Wakafrika".
Playing for Change in "Songs Around the World".
Paul Simon (2010) in "And I'll Scratch Yours".
Nomadi e poi Danilo Sacco dal vivo

Steve Biko era il leader pacifista e antirazzista del partito comunista sudafricano (all'epoca fuorilegge), ucciso dalla polizia del regime dell'Apartheid nel 1977.
Probabilmente una delle più famose e belle canzoni di Peter Gabriel. [RV-2005]


"Biko" is an anti-apartheid protest song by... (Continues)
Ngomhla sibuyayo
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/4/8 - 18:36

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