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The Numbers

Primo singolo estratto dal nuovo album Nowhere Generation in uscita a giugno
Parole / Lyrics: Tim McIlrath

Musica / Music: Tim McIlrath, Zach Blair, Brandon Barnes & Joe Principe

"Beyond simply showcasing global protest movements, this video is to serve as a reminder that we are all living in a golden age of resistance and need to use our privileges to commit ourselves to wholeheartedly pulling the rope in the opposite direction. Or, to put it more bluntly, don’t be like your parents’ generation. Give a fuck and prove it.”

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"Oltre che semplicemente mostrare i movimenti di protesta in tutto il mondo, il video serve a ricordare che viviamo tutti in un'età dell'oro della resistenza e dobbiamo usare i nostri privilegi per impegnarci a tirare con tutto il cuore la corda nella direzione opposta. O, per dirlo in maniera più esplicita, non fate come la generazione dei vostri genitori. Sbattetevene di tutto e dimostratelo."
We’re biding time as we wait for the signal
2021/5/7 - 17:24
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Collapse (Post-Amerika)

Nell’album intitolato “Appeal To Reason”
When our rivers run dry and our crops cease to grow
Contributed by Bernart Bartleby 2014/6/17 - 10:04
Song Itineraries: War on Earth
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Ready to Fall

Primo singolo tratto dall'album “The Sufferer & the Witness”
Hold on slow down again from the top now and tell me everything
Contributed by Bernart Bartleby 2014/6/16 - 13:09
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White Flag Warrior

Album: Survival Story
(featuring Tim McIlrath of Rise Against)
We request to negotiate – We come to you unarmed
Contributed by giorgio 2010/12/14 - 13:27
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Audience Of One


Lyrics & Music by Tim McIlrath
Album: Appeal to Reason

"Audience of One" is the second single from their 2008 album Appeal to Reason. Hitting number four on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, it is Rise Against's third-highest charting single, behind the previous single from Appeal to Reason, "Re-Education (Through Labor)", which peaked at number three and the third single "Savior". In mid-October 2008, the L.A. radio station KROQ began playing "Audience of One." Its video was announced to be shot with director Brett Simon on December 9. On January 15, the video for "Audience of One" premiered on MySpace. The single was released on CD and 7" vinyl on March 3, 2009 in the UK. The song is also a downloadable song in Guitar Hero World Tour.
"Audience Of One" is featured with a customized Rise Against Theme in Tap Tap Revenge 2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is featured... (Continues)
I can still remember - the words and what they meant
Contributed by giorgio 2010/2/21 - 21:33
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Blood-Red, White & Blue

Album: "Revolutions per Minute"
So come test me, so come break me,
Contributed by Alessandro 2008/11/26 - 13:13
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State Of The Union

La canzone che apre l'album intitolato "Siren Song Of The Counter Culture" del 2004.
If we're the flagship of peace and prosperity
Contributed by Silva 2007/2/12 - 16:11

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