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My Mind Is for Sale


Album: All the Light Above It Too

"I'm not trying to write an anti-Trump song," Johnson said. "I've heard people call it that. Maybe it's anti-some of his ideas. If anything, it's a pro-love song. I try to look at something and instead of only tearing the thing down, you want to replace it with something positive. So to me, walls that divide us aren't a good thing. So it's more about being proactive and how to include people."
Well, I heard the blinker's on
2017/9/22 - 22:08
Song Itineraries: Donald Trump

Crying Shame

Album: "In Between Dreams" (2005)
It's such a tired game
2012/1/29 - 22:42

The Little Man

Lyrics by Jeff Guzalak
Music by Eric Slywiak
Album: W.M.D.

"I feel like there's a little Jack Johnson in this one"
They'll throw you in
Contributed by giorgio 2009/12/13 - 12:28

Traffic In The Sky

La canzone parla dell'11 settembre. Jack si immagina di essere ancora un bambino mentre gioca per strada con i suoi amici, quando a un tratto vedono le ombre degli aerei passare sull'asfalto. E' estratta dal secondo album, On and on.
There's traffic in the sky
Contributed by Riccardo 2007/1/10 - 17:13

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