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Brisbane Blacks


Mop Conlon wrote 'Brisbane Blacks' so Aboriginal rights wouldn't become yesterday's news

In September 1982, Brisbane hosted the 12th Commonwealth Games. With the world’s eyes on Australia, First Nations people from around the country converged on the Queensland capital to march for Aboriginal rights.

The protests – and the mass arrests that followed – gained international attention. They also got the attention of a local musician by the name of Dennis 'Mop' Conlon.

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Hear the story of 'Brisbane Blacks' above:

Conlon had grown up in Cherbourg, playing music with his uncles and with his band Dennis Conlon and the Magpies, who would later become known as Mop & the Dropouts.

As he watched the protests on the news that night,... (Continues)
On TV I saw a story, of the Brisbane Blacks
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