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Head Full of Pictures

title track dell'album

Canzone sul PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) che affligge tanti veterani di guerra una volta tornati a casa.
I just came home with a head full of pictures
2020/12/1 - 22:47
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When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

Lyrics and music by Jim Page
Album: Collateral Damage

"And we all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home ??? …"
When Johnny comes marching home again (x3)
Contributed by giorgio 2020/5/5 - 14:30
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Heroes and Survivors

Lyrics and music by Jim Page
Album: Heroes And Survivors

One family of Irish officials treated their 'red brethren' with humanity, but Scots-Irish President Andrew Jackson
oversaw the tribe's ruthless eviction from their lands.

On that spring day, as Major William Armstrong surveyed those who had gathered in the small timber agency where he lived, he must have experienced mixed emotions. For one thing, the meeting had been summoned to raise money for “the relief of the starving poor of Ireland”, the birthplace of his own father.
For another, while the crowd included many missionaries and traders, much of the $170 subscribed at day's end would come from the chiefs of the Choctaw Nation, who were also present.
Major Armstrong had known these Choctaw men for many long years, having served as the US government's chief agent in the region since 1832. He had been with them through... (Continues)
I'll tell you a story
Contributed by giorgio 2020/5/5 - 09:40



"I wanted to post this song because of what’s happening in Seattle right now. It came about by going downtown one night to take a look at the new “Amazon Spheres,” and all the cranes and all the building. I love this city in a deep resonating way and I see a history that Amazon is at odds with, that Bezos and all of clones would like to disappear – using that word like a verb. I got here in 1971 and fell in love with the climate, the water, the mountains, the ease of the pace, the spontaneity, the music scene, all of it. And I swam in it for years. Still there was a clique of people who yearned for a greater and shinier city, with a celebrated upper class, and banks that would proudly welcome the likes of Boss Tweed. I played everywhere – the bus station, the TV station, all the bars and cocktail lounges, but I couldn’t get into the Rainier Club because that was private space for... (Continues)
We live in a boomtown
Contributed by adriana 2019/3/10 - 08:50
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Amadou Diallo


Album : Folkpunch -Jim Page and Artis

Si veda anche American Skin (41 Shots) di Bruce Springsteen
See also American Skin (41 Shots) by Bruce Springsteen

Altre canzoni su Amadou Diallo

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Forty-one bullets Africa Unite

Amadou Diallo
Contributed by adriana 2019/3/10 - 08:46
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Bobby Cortez

Album: This Movie Is For Real

The lyrics recall Page's friend from his high school who dropped out of school and was killed in Viet Nam. The tombstone at the school has the names on it of those who fell in the war. Bobby Cortez is number 4 on the list.
Bobby Cortez was a friend of mine back in the days of old
Contributed by Ceil Herman 2019/1/12 - 22:19
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This Land

Album “Gettin Squeezed”‎

Uno spaccato inquietante dell’America e del suo sogno infranto, una canzone molto meno ‎ottimistica della ben più famosa This ‎Land Is Your Land di Woody Guthrie cui s’ispira…‎
Come gather round me, hear my sad story
Contributed by Bartleby 2012/2/29 - 12:06
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River of Rage‎

Album “Music From Big Red”‎

Una canzone sugli effetti che ha sugli individui la violenza eletta a sistema sociale…‎
He walked into the cafeteria
Contributed by Bartleby 2012/2/29 - 11:52
Song Itineraries: Weapons: our daily home war
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Over My Dead Body

Album “Collateral Damage”‎
We are born in nature and in nature we will die
Contributed by Bartleby 2012/2/29 - 11:14
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Who Pays For This War?

Who pays for this war?
Contributed by adriana 2008/8/16 - 16:35
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Petroleum Bonaparte

from Head Full Of Pictures by Jim Page

This song is about George W Bush. The title occurred to me one morning before I'd even had my coffee.
hey George, Im talkin to you
Contributed by adriana 2008/8/16 - 16:30
Song Itineraries: George Walker Bush II
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Frank, Dennis, And Me

Interpretata anche da Jim Page
I was eighteen and change when the telephone rang,
2005/9/11 - 00:39
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Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette

Testo e musica di Jim Page
Lyrics and music by Jim Page

Jimmy Page interviewed by Robert Allen

"Way back in the mid 70's we had a governor here in Washington state named Dixie Lee Ray. She had been chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission under Nixon and was full of herself. She loved nuclear power and hated environmentalists, and she invited everyone to send their waste here to Washington to be dumped at the Hanford site. She was famous for her superiority complex and would ask for your credentials if you challenged her on anything. Well, the Hanford site leaked and every once in a while it would hit the papers and the environmentalists would get on her case. One time after a particularly embarrassing incident she made the announcement that she was going to close Hanford until this... (Continues)
They dropped the bomb in '45 to end the world war
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/6 - 12:52

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