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Butcher of Beirut

Dedicata a Sharon e al suo degno erede Olmert, ieri come oggi macellai del popolo palestinese e libanese.

La canzone spiegata dal suo autore:
"The Butcher of Beirut developed importance in life, I wrote that before Sharon was le grand chef and before he and Bush started their campaign. I wrote that about Charron as military leader because I have a major issue with any non -secular state, as non-secular as Israel is technically. I had issues with the whole religious debate. The threat for me is that I don’t want to be stuck in a position where somebody says, you have to be anti-Palestinian, anti-Zionist. ... I don’t support any religious state and I don’t like religious zealots and extremists. I don’t want to give any of them power. I don’t want a state led by Muslim values, Christian values or by Jewish values. I don’t want any religion in the government. That song is about an overpowering... (Continues)
when you coming back? i ain’t complete
Contributed by Alessandro 2006/7/20 - 11:29

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