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Hand-Loom Weaver’s Lament

Testo scritto da John Grimshaw, tale dei dintorni di Manchester di cui non mi pare ci siano tracce precise nella Rete.
Sicchè l’ho attibuita ad Harry Boardman (1930–1987), folksinger del Lancashire, che nel 1964 la incise (con il titolo “The Hand-Loom Versus The Power-Loom) nel disco collettivo intitolato “New Voices”, con Maureen Craik e The Waterson Family
Sulla melodia della popolare “A-Hunting We Will Go”

Handloom weavers were generally poor but at least they had a measure of independence, whether they were itinerate or working at home in their own cottages. But with the coming of the Industrial Revolution and the machine-looms, their independence went and they had to crowd into factories under the eye of the overseer. This song relates to the period towards the end of the eighteenth century when the switchover from hand-weaving to power-weaving was taking place. It's printed... (Continues)
You gentlemen and tradesmen that ride about at will,
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