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Tough Times

Parole e musica di John Brim (1922-2003), altro misconosciuto bluesman di Chicago.
Nella compilation “Chicago Blues - The Early 1950's” pubblicata nel 1965

John Brim was another great, yet largely unheralded Chicago blues singer and guitarist who traveled in some of the same circles as Jones. In 1953, Brim recorded one of the gutsiest and most political blues songs of the ’50s. “Tough Times” is a classic side of tough Chicago blues, but with a radical difference — its radical politics.

By January 1954, an economic slowdown in the United States had resulted in a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate in the black community, nearly double the jobless rate for the rest of the nation. Brim responded by warning that unemployment was getting as bad as the worst part of the Depression in 1932.

Brim’s blues are an uncompromising report from the downside of American prosperity. Yet the song... (Continues)
Me and my baby was talking
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