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The Sing-Along Second Amendment

A well-regulated militia
2020/12/27 - 17:26
Song Itineraries: Weapons: our daily home war


words and music by Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby

Il brano è incluso nella raccolta "Rich Man's War - New Blues & Roots Songs Of Peace And Protest", cd recentemente pubblicato dalla tedesca Ruf Records.

Testo preso dal sito dell'autore.
Well, my son asked me today, "Is this another Vietnam?"
Contributed by Alessandro 2008/10/9 - 10:52
Downloadable! Video!

Peace Is Out

words and music by Roy Zimmerman
album: Folk Heroes (1995)
We used to take a nonviolent stance
2004/12/15 - 19:32

Buy War Toys For Christmas

Words and music by Melanie Harby and Roy Zimmerman
(From "Sing It Loud!" on Metaphor Records)

Peacenick - Merry Christmas To All (2005)
Little Johnny Johnson wants an M-16
2004/12/15 - 19:30

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