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Ashes in Your Mouth

Nell’album intitolato “Countdown To Extinction”

Una canzone dalla lontana prima guerra del Golfo… E’ passato quasi un quarto di secolo e ancora ci siamo in mezzo…
People have round shoulders from fairing heavy loads
Contributed by Bernart Bartleby 2014/8/28 - 13:02
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99 Ways to Die

If I see the morning hours
Contributed by Goofus 2010/12/25 - 23:15
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United Abominations

This song is the title track of Megadeth's album, "United Abominations." In this song, Megadeth threw a bunch of accusations at the United Nations, claiming that they "face war without end." The song features a short speech by Dave Mustaine before the main lyrics, in which he first calls the U.N. the "United Abominations. At the end of the song, he begins to throw accusations at the United Nations, referencing recent events such as the 9/11 attacks and the invasion of Iraq. After each accusation, he says "There was no U.N."

U.N. blog writer, Mark Leon Goldberg, dissected the song, verse by verse, and wrote an entire blog saying the U.N. was not phased by the song, or the album. He even pointed out accusations he believed to be false. He said that "we at UN Dispatch refuse to let Megadeth's witless screed go unchallenged. We listened [to the song] so you don't have to."

The album's artwork depicts the United Nations building in flames in a 9/11 atack style.
Within striking distance from Ground Zero sits a smoldering
Contributed by SamuraiMaster 2009/8/29 - 03:30
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Gears of war

Music and Lyrics Dave Mustaine
Album: United Abominations - 2007
Ethnic cleansing with no defending
Contributed by silva 2007/2/10 - 15:18
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Architecture Of Aggression

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Born from the dark,
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2006/12/23 - 21:20

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