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America Under Fire

Steel Mill 1970 song about political and military matters in the USA in that period. Check also the 13 Jan 1970 version.

A vicious, cynical attack on the Vietnam war that ironically ends with a snippet of the Star Spangled Banner, later to appear as the intro to BORN IN THE USA on the Human Touch tour of 1992. In this track, Bruce contemplates the uselessness of war, a theme he would revisit late in the Born In The USA tour, with a great cover version of Edwin Starr's War.
Conquered freak soldiers return from the war
Contributed by DonQuijote82 2013/11/30 - 13:17

The War Is Over

Interpretata dal vivo

Gli Steel Mill sono il primo gruppo di Bruce Springsteen
The king and the queen have drowned in their laughter
Contributed by DoNQuijote82 2013/11/30 - 13:14

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